About Us

Your Sacramento Area Parks is a partnership of 19 Park and Recreation Agencies, connecting the Sacramento Community to Their Parks. 

These agencies are stewards of a broad range of parks and facilities. They provide quality recreation and leisure services for all ages and interests. View the listing of Your ​Sacramento Area Parks members.  

Our communities are the owners of "Sacramento Area Parks."  This website was created to provide an easy way to locate and access your parks and activities.  From walkers, to volleyball players, picnickers, bike riders, and even the family dog, Sacramento area Parks provides thousands of aces, hundreds of activities, and a variety of facilities for your health and recreational enjoyment. 


Your Sacramento Area Parks is a "system of parks" partnership connecting Sacramento Communities with their parks.


Your Sacramento Area Parks provides a forum for collaboration of sharing resources, addressing common issues, and advancing solutions.


​Provide a o​​ne-stop web site where all the park facilities, recreation amenities, services, and providers can be easily accessed by the public.

Advance Healthy Living and Livable Communities by promoting use of parks.